The British Virgin Islands released attractive new 2017 1 Dollar coins featuring native wildlife. The other features a Marlin leaping from the ocean.

The Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth is on the obverse of the 26mm Brillian Uncirculated coin.

Cook Islands released into circulation a new series of 2015 dated coins in conjunction with the islands 40th anniversary of independence.

This recent three coin set from the Cook Islands contains some unusual coins.

The obverse of all three coins portrays the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

The reverse of the 2010 1 dollar coin is much more interesting however.

It portrays the very well-endowed fertility God Tangaroa. The 2010 triangular 2 Dollar pictures a ceremonial morter and pestle.released 2017 wildlife coins in both titanium and copper-nickel. The 38.5mm 1 Dollar shows Tangaroa, the very well-endowed male god of fertility. The 2 cents shows a pineapple and the 1 cent shows a Taro leaf.Queen Elizabeth is on the obverse of all the coins.The Lemon Shark is a stocky and powerful animal often found in shallow subtropical waters.The shark’s yellow coloring serves as a perfect camouflage when swimming over the sandy sea floor of its coastal habitat.Bellerophon put the charmed bridle on the winged horse’s head with little difficulty and, with the bridle in place, Pegasus became gentle and tame and Bellerophon became his master.