LEGENDARY rock band Guns N' Roses are playing in London this weekend, with original three members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff Mc Kagan in the line-up.Find out how you could see their first dates in the UK capital for 23 years - and without paying more than face value for tickets.The dates are part of the Not In This Lifetime tour, the name being a reference to a response Axl Rose gave when asked in 2012 if the original members would ever reunite.

Axl is a really cool dude and he likes hanging out with cool people.

I think that they were probably just buddy buddy hanging out.” Either way, imagine being such a super fan you get to be buddy buddy with Axl Rose!

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online she recalls that night as just one of many wild experiences across a decade of living the life of a Penthouse Pet - a status that saw her pampered, coddled, manipulated and used by turns.

In her new book, No One's Pet: The Autobiography of Sheila Kennedy, she reveals what life was like living in legendary Penthouse founder Bob Guccione's Manhattan mansion; the secrets of her long running affair with the man who was part mentor part, father figure to her; her flings with two British music legends whose rivalry brought one affair to an abrupt end and how after a night with Michael J.

who tells us he's convinced the two are just friends ...

even though they left the Chateau Marmont together this weekend. 50-year-old Rose and 25-year-old Del Rey piled into the same SUV and took off together late Friday night ... Despite the evidence, Ashba tells us, "I don't think they're dating" ...“I wasn’t the marrying kind,” Lana sighs, “but I should have done it anyway.” At this stage, Lana might as well tattoo her forehead with the words “AXL RULES OK”.Apparently created circa 2001/2002, the unreleased track surfaced online in 2009 and was recorded under her real name, Lizzy Grant.Fox he gave her his clothes so she wouldn't have to endure the 'walk of shame' the following morning.'I wasn't planning on having a relationship with him but as soon as I saw him I was just, 'Oh my God, you're gorgeous,' says former Penthouse Pet Sheila Kennedy of her affair with magazine founder Bob Guccione (pictured together in 1980) She tells Daily Mail Online that Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose grabbed her by her hair, dragged her across the carpet and threw her forcibly, face down onto the bed - then tied her hands behind her back and had sex with her.According to : “Hollywood veterans Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey as well as songstress Lana Del Rey were reportedly in attendance.” #squadgoals And it wasn’t her first time April 2012, and Lana’s lust for GNR is insatiable.