None of the stories mentioned the detail we discovered, that Cat White was a Scientologist who had been stalled on the “Survival Rundown” when she took her life, and that Burton is also a Scientologist who, Cat’s friends say, married her out of convenience so she could get a green card and stay in the country after Carrey refused to marry her.

We had been driving between Portland and Seattle on a leg of our book tour that summer when we first got a message from one of our best, most trusted sources, who told us that the young woman in the news for killing herself had actually been a Scientologist.

Scientology demonizes mental health care, and would have convinced her that it was a betrayal to seek proper counseling or medication.

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A marriage certificate was quickly located for Cat and Mark Burton in Clark County, Nevada, but who was Mark Burton?

We managed to locate a couple of photos of him from friends who had been involved in the small-time video shoots where Cat had been a make-up artist.

Burton apparently had obtained Cat’s smartphone after her death, and sordid messages from it began leaking to the press which indicated that she and Carrey had fought over her allegation that she had become infected with venereal diseases from him.

There had even been a court settlement between them about it.

It’s a shame that this beautiful young woman ever went near Scientology. Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 2,526 days.

Quailynn Mc Daniel has not seen her brother Sean in 1,872 days.

We think that Scientology’s involvement, however, is not one that should be forgotten.

For a young woman who had had a history of struggling with depression, turning to Scientology was perhaps the worst thing she could have done.

We also began to learn more about Cat’s past in Ireland and how she had first run into Scientology — through a famous Austrian family of artists who lived in a castle in Tipperary.