If that's a muddled description, because, seriously, it could never be mistaken for a finger of any size. Let's just say that the sensations were pure pleasure.

Even though we’re in 2014, the image of the sexless grandmother still exists. They had zero interest in sex and were happy just hiking in the woods. They grew up feeling it was naughty and had a lot of guilt about it. Outercourse is a word that I heard over and over again among people active in the sexuality-and-aging field. I love the idea of a kind of naughty, playful, arousing alternative to hot sex, which isn’t always possible.

I’ve met the spunkiest, most sexually active women who are in their 70’s and 80’s. One woman I spoke to had been married a long time, had enjoyed a great sex life and now can’t imagine being with another man. It means “everything but…” It’s lovemaking without penetration, but that involves kissing, nuzzling, hugging, oral sex… And by the way, it’s not always possible for people in their 30’s either, or right after you’ve had a baby.

Iris Krasnow hit the best-seller list a dozen years ago with her raw portrait of modern coupledom, “Surrendering to Marriage.” It was one in a series of non fiction books that have reflected Krasnow’s journey through life.

She first became an author in her 30’s as a journalist with four children under three. Next, as she matured, came one on self-discovery and her book on the challenges of staying married.

Mark Soloway, and his warning to all men is don’t be so quick to go under the knife. And it’s got to be more and more, honey, as you get older.

If you’re 73 and you have a slow-growing cancer, it’s probably not going to kill you. That’s a very important message for men with a high PSA and women with newly diagnosed men. Look at the obese man sitting on the couch and slugging back beers who can’t get it up. These women were enjoying more sexual satisfaction and intimacy than they did in their youth.Women are living longer than ever, they’re outliving their husbands and partners generally, and they’re dating again.(Click here to learn more about active surveillance for prostate cancer. Instead of going to a physician and getting five prescriptions, get on a treadmill buddy and stop eating the fettuccine with five-cheese sauces! Let's talk out loud about senior sex, celebrating the joys and addressing the challenges.This blog offers senior sex news, views and reviews of sex toys, books, and films that interest sex-positive Boomers and elders.