Don’t be discouraged; ensure you set aside more time in future to practice.Here are some sites where you can practice – note that some of them may charge you: You will also find a number of books that you can buy which allow you to practice the types of questions you’ll face (although in paper format).The tests you are asked to sit, in addition to verbal and numerical reasoning, will vary according to the job you are applying for.

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They are often designed not to be completed in the allotted time.

Your score is a comparative measure of how you performed in relation to other students who have taken the tests.

Be comfortable challenging or reinforcing, where approriate, the results of the questionnaire if given the opportunity to do so.

Test sessions are held regularly throughout the academic year.

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This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.You would prep for a phone interview, a presentation, face-to-face interview or exam – and a psychometric test is an equally big part of the recruitment process.You will need to practice and so ensure you put time aside to do this. Don’t be surprised if you don’t pass first time – they are designed to be hard and the pass mark is often set at a very high level if you are applying for particularly competitive roles. It does take practice – this is a ‘test’ after all. Are there practice tests available with the provider? You may find you’ve done one of these tests before – or you may find it is completely new. personality – can’t be practiced but it is still worth doing some research into the purpose and structure of the test.Many people fail at this hurdle because they don’t dedicate enough time to prepare.Escape's assessment services team can offer you support with all areas of Psychometric Testing & Assessment including tool selection, delivery, interpretation and feedback from a range of test providers including CEB (previously Saville Holdsworth Ltd (SHL).) Whether it's part of a wider recruitment project or as a stand alone service we can provide a range of offline and online assessment tools to suit your recruitment and development needs as well as projects such as outplacement programmes.