Apply for a Council Tax Reduction / Housing Benefit The amount of reduction you are entitled to is applied directly to your Council Tax Account and so reducing the amount of Council Tax you have to pay.You will receive a new Council Tax Bill after any reduction is applied showing you the amount you have to pay.

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We must get your letter within two calendar months of the date of your council tax reduction decision letter.

To ask for a further review from the Council Tax Reduction Review Panel you or your representative should write to: Sometimes we can pay benefit/reduction for a period before the date you made your claim for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction. All requests for backdating must show good reason as to why you could not apply earlier. Backdate requests from working age customers may be backdated for a maximum of one month, from the date your backdate request has been received.

If you are currently self-employed, you will also need to complete the self-employed application form.

Please complete, sign and return the form(s) and supporting documents to: Freepost RTGG-URTL-BZLKBasingstoke and Deane Borough Council Civic Offices London Road Basingstoke RG21 4AHRemember to enclose all supporting documents.

You can find information on council tax charges by band at: Second Adult Reduction is a different kind of Council Tax Reduction for single people who have to pay council tax and who have other adults on a low income living in the household.

It can be claimed by anyone who does not have a partner, but only if they do not qualify for the council tax single person discount because they share their home with another person, who: After your application for council tax reduction has been processed and should you think it is wrong, you can ask us to look at the decision again.Backdate requests from people of pension credit age should automatically be backdated for up to three months, under certain circumstances.Pension age claimants are not required to provide reasons for not applying earlier.If you have applied for and are entitled to Council Tax reduction from the beginning of April, the amount of reduction shown on your Council Tax bill is the total benefit for the whole year.This may change if your circumstances change during the year.The Payment Centre hours are 9am - 4.15pm, with only credit/debit card payments (not cash) between 1pm and 2pm.