And then there's Cusack's turn as US Marshall Vince Larkin.This came at something of a purple patch for Cusack's Hollywood star, coming as it did a year after the sleeper hit and he is on unbeatable form here.

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We love John Cusack here at Den Of Geek and to celebrate the man's work, we've picked ten of our favourite Cusack movies...

He is, of course, John Cusack, the man whose appearance in a movie means that, if nothing else, you're guaranteed at least one strong performance.

Two deadpan comedic performers going toe to toe with each other is an enticing prospect and it's one that pays off to maximum effect.

The interplay between the two is the real draw in this witty tale of assassins and school reunions that takes high concept to great heights.

What it didn't know was that it would be such alarmingly good fun along the way.

is a curious movie that takes us inside actor John Malkovich's head and it's he himself who steals the movie with a virtuoso performance that strips himself bear for all to see.Naturally, he is unsuccessful because this is true love, but it's fun to watch.John Cusack stars in this critically acclaimed romantic comedy as Lloyd, an optimistic underachiever, who falls for Diane, a beautiful valedictorian (Ione Skye).Diane's father (John Mahoney) is against it as soon as he hears what kind of car Lloyd drives.Unable to understand how Diane can 'champion mediocrity with the likes of (him),' he tries desperately to undermine the relationship.Other highlights of the film include Joan Cusack's turn as Marcella and a decent outing for Minnie Driver. Cameron Crowe films have a tendency to divide audiences.