If you really like him and want to see him again, then you should tell him so. I think a lot of American women put too much pressure on men saying I love you rather than developing the relationship.

I’m also going to refer to Björn’s answer below: ‘Dunno about the “love you part” it might be the truth, you have to understand that over here its a bit different in some things.

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These are not all the answers on dating swedish men but I hope it makes you ladies less nervous and more confident.

Remember, you deserve to be with someone who loves you, not someone you have to chase down.

Less people have such glorious thoughts when thinking about Scandinavian cheese – in fact, most people associate Scandinavian cheese with Eurovision.

Except those of us who know just how many amazing cheeses actually come from our northern corner of the world.

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Looking for something from a cooler climate to help you through the latest heat wave? But the pressure to do more, more, more, with less, less, less? Hjejle's Dicte channels many great reporters, the kind who drive their editors - and the people they cover - crazy, and without whom we'd know far less about the world we live in. In the first season, Stanley Tucci () plays a London police inspector whose arrival coincides with the discovery of a murder. Are the people more or less dangerous than the polar bears? The scenery is spectacular, the storytelling stomach-churning. More familiar is the Reykjavik police detective played by Björn Hlynur Haraldsson who's sent to a remote area to help investigate what's at first thought to be a suicide. I'm a fan of Kenneth Branagh's take on Kurt Wallander, but I can't argue with purists who insist Swedish actor Krister Henriksson is closer to the late novelist Henning Mankell's vision of his dour detective.

Here are 10 shows to consider: , a Danish series that became a craze among American TV critics when only KCET, a non-PBS public station in Los Angeles, and the satellite network Link TV were carrying it in the U. After catching a few episodes that streamed on Link TV's website and some more on screeners it sent to critics, I bought the rest on DVD, something I almost never do. Sidse Babett Knudsen ( Henrik Mestad stars as Prime Minister Jesper Berg, whose plan to fight climate change by abandoning oil production in favor of an alternative form of energy meets with major pushback, triggering a coercive but ostensibly peaceful occupation as Russia moves to keep the oil flowing. Recommended for: News junkies, anyone who loved the reporters in . Recommended for: Viewers who can't wait for winter. Divorced, bearded, and with a sad, sad past, he's a type we've seen before. Recommended for: Mankell fans and anyone who wants to compare and contrast. Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia star as a Swedish and a Danish detective who must work together when a body is found lying across the border on a bridge between their two countries. More comedy than Nordic noir, this series stars actor-musician Steven Van Zandt as a mobster in witness protection who chooses Norway as his new home. Amy Poehler's brother, Greg Poehler, stars in a Swedish fish-out-of-water sitcom loosely based on his life as an expatriate.

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