The danger is that most of us learned as young children that lying is wrong and deceitful.

America sits on the side lines as important protocols and policy are made because of the lack of truthfulness from my President.

Trump’s lies have even eroded and planted great scepticism about statements made by members of his administration.

The routine lying by the President himself and his staff has reached a level where even the White House press corps questioned whether Sara Huckabee Sanders actually baked a pie.

If the press corps is questioning something as benign as the creator of a holiday pie, who is to believe any official statement from the White House on issues that matter?

In fact, our democratic systems are based on the concept of truth. Official documents require certifications of truth. Our systems depend on truth and truthful statements of fact are at the foundation of all governing.

Criminal and civil laws exist where statements, which are lies, are prosecuted.

A system where there are real, immediate and punitive consequences for liars.

There are three fundamental problems with the lies my President tells.

Secondly, its impacts how other democratic world leaders interpret statements made by our President and his staff.

Can world leaders believe statements from my President on issues relating to military deployments, economic and environmental issues when a majority of his statements are lies?

Thirdly, unchecked lies pervade our society and culture.