Saint John Vianney A fellow I know well in L’viv, who works with western European sponsors of projects aimed at improving local legal and civic management, shared with me the pressures felt by local governments to incorporate, for example, western European “gender policies” into their project proposals.At our Fulbright meeting in Kyiv, my fifteen year old daughter was exposed to an American scholar who giddily announced her “wife” would soon be visiting—something no doubt this woman believes is quite important for Ukrainians to be concerned about in the current situation.In terms of gravity, the sin of homosexuality is comparable to that of murder …

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Yet, this seems a risky endeavor on Bishop Gudziak’s part, given the clear position of the Head of the UGCC on life issues.

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, leader of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church and ten years younger than Bishop Gudziak, is unequivocal in expounding upon the Church’s position regarding homosexual behavior as a grave sin (as opposed to the inherently disordered inclination toward homosexuality) and the Church’s opposition to homosexual “marriage,” and is worth quoting at length: In accordance with the teaching of the Church, homosexual behavior is a grave sin, which calls to Heaven for vengeance…

Pornography is a form of corruption against the dignity of women, in particular: it reduces them to objects of lust by predatory men, who, in turn, suffer from this relationship-ruining addiction.

Yet, UCU’s administration does not appear to be taking serious steps to address this problem—a problem that, in addition to the pastoral concerns, should not find refuge at a university where a “Women’s Studies” program operates.

In a follow-up radio address, Bishop Shyrokoradiuk particularly and strongly criticized permitting a “march for perversion” while hiding behind an absolutist interpretation of freedom of speech. Sin is wicked, but when recognized as sin, man can repent, seek and receive redemption.

Bishop Shyrokoradiuk is not one who falls for the blurring of good and evil, because he understands mercy is neither tolerance, nor relativism, and his faith and responsibilities as pastor hinge… Even more concerning, this worldview does not limit itself to a solitary sin which hurts the perpetrator alone.It is not surprising that pressures to conform to western European social engineering policies are gaining traction in Ukraine… What is surprising is that UCU’s pro-life message is somewhat (although not completely) muted.Yet, upon examination, even this may not be so surprising.If, on the one hand, the Synod comes down on the side of maintaining and strengthening Church teaching, Gudziak can plead he was too busy to deal with wayward professors—although his involvement behind the scenes at UCU has earned the good bishop smirks and the derisive title of “Gray Cardinal” among some faculty and staff.If, on the other hand, the Synod comes down on the side of liberalizing the Church’s teachings—even if Pope Francis doesn’t accept their decision—Bishop Gudziak can remain selectively inattentive to such scandals. Because it is common knowledge at UCU that he is skittish about addressing pro-life issues in order not to risk “offending” liberal donors.(Emphasis added) In June, a similar scandal rocked UCU in which three teachers from the School of Journalism (including Mustafa Nayyem an MP of the Ukrainian Parliament from President Poroshenko’s Bloc) not only participated in a small “Gay Equality” parade in Kyiv, but promoted the homosexual lifestyle—including “marriage.” (Nayyem is no stranger to controversy—he is currently accused of abusing his position as an MP—and has allegedly doctored video evidence regarding a recent clash near the southwestern Ukrainian city of Mukachevo.) Not surprisingly, western commentators were self-servingly aghast that violence broke—implying Ukraine was not doing enough to protect the marchers.